Missing Tenn. student Elizabeth Thomas found, former teacher Tad Cummins arrested in California




WTF is wrong with these men?


The way I read it, Cummins is a singular man.


So, you have already forgotten the thread I posted about Tom Jones, in which I also mention Jimmy Saville and Bill Cosby?


I apologize for the curse under which I labor, that of not recognizing cross-thread comments as the invisibly connected, seamless commentary they are clearly intended to be.


Oh, no. I apologize for not understanding that exchanges on boards are meant to be strictly compartmentalized. The ideas of one thread can never apply to another! (Except, of course, when the official control freaks feel like breaking those rules. Then, of course, it’s anything goes!!!)

What is wrong with me?

Oh, and many thanks for the mansplanation.



Spoon always gets in trouble in these sorts of threads.


No trouble, friend. The peaceable eras are usually brief, no matter what one may think, say, or do.


Lmao -


Actually, not true. The peaceable eras could be as long as you’d like them to be. Just don’t start shit, and everything will be fine.

Go back to my first post in this thread. Was it about you? Was I calling you out?

Now go back to your first post.

Yup. That’s pretty much the way it always starts.

I have to conclude that you want to fight, and aren’t very happy unless you’re doing so.


All I can do is ask you to look at it and consider what effect it had on any male readers of the thread. What may be a fine value in considering an individual case tends to make a sorry fetish when applied with too broad a brush.


Well she did say THESE implying only the ones that do sich

So I took it to mean only crazy men who would do that and not across the board


That’s exactly what I meant. SMH @ anyone who couldn’t see that.