More cop piggery in Utah


There’s a lot we could discuss here.


He inspired a round of departmental training.


Departmental training, paying off lawsuits and even firing officers who don’t have the emotional discipline not to be rageaholics are simply not gonna be a solution. Cops who get fired typically just move 30 miles down the road and put on a different badge.

What we can’t afford is rageaholics with badges, and I haven’t seen anyone come forth with a plan about that.


Well, charges would be nice…


He certainly can’t claim ignorance of department policy.

Neither can his soon-to-be-ex boss.


It’s a start…


Seriously, the lid didn’t come off of this cover-up for six weeks. Anyone who thinks this story is about one rogue cop hasn’t been paying attention.


I finally managed to read through this. Now I grok that the sample they wanted was from the truck driver.

Something is definitely rotten.


Cop got shot in a nearby town awhile back so I think it was a state cop responding went hauling ass through town here and hit some early twenties year old girl who had just pulled out onto the street and killed her… last I saw of it the cops and the local media were making it sound like it was her fault.


Yeah, the number one thing that’s rotten is the original police chase resulting in the suspect’s fiery death and the truck driver’s hospitalization. Evidently that chase was contrary to department protocol, a protocol that was adopted due to civic pressure by the city fathers. So the death is sort of the fault of some OTHER cops in the SLCPD, and our “rogue cop” was trying to find a way to make it be the vic’s fault.


I didn’t think of it in context of the high speed chase.

There needs to be consequences when police don’t follow the rule of law.