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There are sooooooooooooooo many more men doing this shit than women. The articles about women are just click bait for you and your ilk.


It’s an epidemic, and it must be stopped. People like you think dismissing it, keeping it out of sight and pointing elsewhere will make it go away, but it won’t.
…and one wonders why you get so defensive about the subject…hmmmmm? Hiding something, Lotus Bud?


Why are you so obsessed with teachers who have sex with students? Is there something you need to get off your chest Doc?


He’s mad cause his 12th grade History teacher slept with several boys in the class but never expressed an interest in him.


I could see how that could scar a young lad.


I am simply seeking a balance in the discussion.
…I’m with Catherine Deneuve on this.



The balance would probably be somewhere around 5000 posts about male abuse and assault to every single post of a female abusing and assaulting.

You need to start quite a few more threads about males sexually assaulting to regain some balance here.


Oh please - how many men have been lured to their doom by predator/vamp women, Lotus. How many. :griefstricken.
…one weeps to think of poor Professor Rath.


Is that one of your TV friends?


Ask Apey. He knows. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doc…We used to be raped and married off because it was sanctioned by the word of God. We used to burned at the stake for total and utter bullshit. We still can’t exist outside of our homes in parts of the world without being completely covered up. We have been abused, jailed, tortured, and killed because of the fantasies of men.

You won’t find the reverse to be true on even close to the same level.

The troll is wearing thin hon.


Not guilty, Yerroner.

Why would a man ask a woman out who in her hysteria cries, #metoo?
There is some natural order in males being the pursuers and females being the selectors. How many men have been accused of rape by women in self incrimination.

I’d like an exact number please.

The worry is that any advance will be labeled as inappropriate by a victim mentality, supported by law,
…not that there aren’t legitimate claims.

PS: "women in self incrimination"
would a better topic of study be why a woman would be accused of wrong doing - so self incriminating - for seeking and enjoying sex?


lol - SCAR ME


If you want an exact number go Google for one. I know it’s FAR FAR FAR less than those who are never reported or brought to justice.

You may not be that guy but you can’t deny they don’t exist. Almost every single woman I know has experienced unwanted sexual touching, assault or rape. I also know one who falsely accused a man of rape but not to the police. Our entire friend group ended their relationship with her. On the converse, I have a friend who was gang raped at 16 and the community stood behind the guys who assaulted her.

For every story you’ve posted about females having sex with high schoolers, I could post one from my own person experiences and I’m one woman.

So by all means carry on doing what you want but expect it to leave a bad taste in our mouthes.


…and I haven’t
what I have said is that I would not like to see the pendulum swing so far in the interest of correction that it denies basic nature or villifies all men and normal male/female relationships. There are women, much wiser and worldly women, who agree.


Not sure who you are aiming this trope toward…


…a thinking audience. Perhaps this is not the right venue.


I don’t disagree with you either but we are at the point where something has to give because many of us women are just fed the fuck up and rightfully so. It’s a time for change so that we can IMPROVE male/female relationships. There are men, much wiser and worldly men, who agree.


Frustrated as you are, women have not had it better in resent times. What times would you have rather been a woman in - in what culture? Not that there have been none, but in the westernized world or ones that you would enjoy the rigors and hardships of? I’m hardly the enemy, Starling. Not that painful realizations may not make me seem an adversary.