More Predator Women News


I’ve never played victim as a woman and I won’t start now. I’d just as soon rip a man’s balls off and shove them down his throat and roll over for any bullshit.

I don’t see you as the enemy in the least but your current narrative kind of sucks.


WTF does that even mean?


Well nobody here vilifies ALL men, so either you preach to the choir, or you troll.

Which is it?


I wish him luck in finding one who doesn’t have a #metoo story.


In context, that women victims are hysterical, but women predators are prevalent.


Of course. I get it now.


You don’t need to pay too much attention to society to recognize herd mentality, or even take some of the #metoo headlines to know an ill-perceived transgression is a transgression in the right fevered environment. Some of the stories brought forth have been ridiculous.

So you take theAndrea Dworkin view, Lapin. Dead men don’t rape?


Again, WTF?


all accusations stand as proof of a crime?

…in today’s Salem.


No, all accusations are not proof of crime. I don’t think every accusation deserves a firing or a shaming. But when you have people like Cosby and Weinstein and Roy Moore and Donny Tinyhands, all with multiple accusers, it’s best to take action rather than waiting. Women have been brushed off for claiming assault and/or rape up until now. Fucking #timesup. Predators don’t get free pass any more.


I never gave them one. And I won’t.
I also won’t support an environment of scattergun counter aggression.


This isn’t counter aggression. WTF are you talking about. If it was counter aggression, we’d all be out assaulting men. This is just us saying enough! Predators aren’t free agents any more. You may not have given predators a pass, but virtually everyone in power did.


Well, Lotus - I am not talking about legitimate claims. I’ll hold Weinstein while you cut his balls off if it makes you feel any better. I only say that license should not be given to railroad anyone who expressed an interest that is “unwelcome” or misinterpreted or, Lotus, invented of whole cloth,
…and this is an environment rich in fertile soil for false accusations. How many men have been victims without making what you say must be an imbalanced numerical comparison? Deny one and deny all.


So, the answer is you are trolling


You know I never do, sir.


I know whether you do, I agree.


Lotus certainly has her rescuers working tonight.


I merely asked WHO you were aiming at, since you are stating it is directed at Lotus I will leave her to tell you where you have it wrong.


I think the term in current usage is “meatshields.” But I doubt anyone is worried on Lotus’s account, only on yours perhaps.


…and yet here you are being her meatshield.