More Predator Women News


In yer dreams.

In my view, being first or most persistent confers no scoring advantage, thus given the way this has advanced over the weekend you stand in as much need for help as she does. It is typical of you, of course, to be unaware of that.


I take issue with that. He needs far more help than I do!


…and yet you are here being her meatshield…
I used to call them flying monkeys, and you weren’t one of them. I’m saddened to see you reduced to being a meatshield, and being unaware of it. I’d feel better if you were aware of it but just denying it to save face.


It’s been a long time since I felt a need to post this.



@Borommakot – take note of Holliday’s style. THIS is how you say stupid things and see who points at you. Live and learn.


Wow - the board (the meatshields) took her beatdown personally.

Don’t forget your extra long applicator, Spoon.

She’s just a cheezy troll, you know - hardly worth your adoration.

PS: then again - I know she is the board’s sacred cow.




Take note @Borommakot how the subject flings its poo in EVERY direction when threatened.


You are butthurt and delusional, all at once. Jeez Louise, Holly.

Do you have a bad hangover today?


Is anyone else catching the irony here?