More winning with Trump!


Another opportunity with lots of terrible potential is a speech Trump is planning to give about radical Islam in Saudi Arabia. The speech writer is none other than his policy adviser Stephen Miller. He’s credited as one of the chief architects of Trump’s failed travel ban to keep people from Muslim-majority nations out of the U.S. He also has a strong history of anti-Muslim rhetoric and beliefs.

Topping this all off is the fact that Trump doesn’t even want to go on the trip. The New York Times reported that he thinks the trip is too long and he doesn’t want to be away from a familiar setting — and his own bed. [who knew Trump was such a tender wittle snowflake?]

His aides are apparently freaking out about the president going off script, walking into unfamiliar territory or making promises to foreign leaders that he can’t keep.

A former national security adviser to George W. Bush said for relationship-building overseas trips like Trump’s, “You really hope that he sticks to the script, executes the trip as planned and avoids distractions, because the whole world is watching.”

Welp, it’s not like Trump ever spontaneously says offensive things or gets distracted, so, um, this should end well.



I have a feeling the overseas trip will convert even more CONs to the pro-impeachment contingent.


Well he is mostly going to suck saudi and jew dick so he may do well


He will do something stupid as fuck. Mark my words. Especially since being away from his own bed is so stressful for him. AND he’ll be traveling with Melania. He’s not used to being around her.


I’m hoping he insults the Prophet Muhammad, while addressing the members of the House of Saud.


So who’s running the Russian connection from Trump tower now?


Trump will do just fine.




Think about it, that’s how the illuminaughties do shit!


God knows, he can’t do worse.


No bias from teh media here, none at all.


Like make a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia?


The Saudis roll out the red billboards for Trump.









Not even a head scarf. Tsk.