My 2016 Garden Thread


Got some dirt and some wood chips yesterday

Got a tray of peppers started, a little late but it should save me a lot of money from buying them… starting a tray of tomatoes today… 72 tomato plants.

The Gangsta Gardner

Still waiting on seeds. Been in ICS for 2 weeks now. I think I’m probably on a USPS watch list because of some shit I got into with postal inspectors a while back. The seed bank told me to wait another week and if no delivery they’ll re-ship. I’m better off just buying some clones locally and getting started. If I ever get the seeds I can just use them for my indoor garden.


No tracking code from the USPS?


Yeah, that’s how I know it’s sitting in customs.


Oh I missed that.


They might just be backed up from the holiday weekend and shit still… you could get them any day.

You can’t buy any clones of auto flowers and that’s what you need right now, you could start some regular clones but they’re going to be really big and unless you have some huge pots, very root bound by the time they start flowering.


Good points. I just got rid of my huge pots. Guess I’ll just chill for a bit.


Doesn’t 72 tomato plants yield something like three tons of tomatoes?

What do you do with all that?


I think he’s gearing up for the Trump Rally.


“Bravo, old man. Bravo.”


I’m a member of a local urban farming group, they have stands around town and at the local farmers market. I call them up and tell them I have around so many lbs of tomatoes and arrange to bring them in, they give me almost grocery store prices for them.


I have around 100 - 3 gallon nursery containers… I think I might do around 50 containers of tomato and pepper plants… don’t know how well the tomatoes will do in a 3 gallon container but peppers should do great in them. Not counting all the stuff I’ll be planting in my other spots. I usually have 20 or so 10ft tomato plants that I plant in the ground.


That’s a nice setup.


I like it because I don’t have to sit around trying to sell veggies, and what doesn’t sell at the stands or to the restaurants that buy from them goes to a soup kitchen type place for the poor.


If they take too long you can put them in the freezer but double or triple bag them for insulation purposes.


Last summer I had a tomato plant growing in a 2 liter soda bottle, I cut off some of the bottles top. It didn’t get much sun and I gave it some Miracle Grow. I was surprised at how well it grew.

I bought some five gallon buckets(Lowe’s, Home Depot) last year and I am going to try growing some tomatoes in them this year. I want to get a few Walmart Dilbert buckets as well.


Three gallon pot should be fine, if you keep it adequately watered and give it a continuous dilute fertilizer tea heavy on potassium and phosphorous.


I might try setting something like this up with a cheap submersible pump on a timer to water the containers, looks like the way to go.




DAY-am!! THAT fast?