My 2016 Garden Thread


It was 95+ here today… container tomatoes, looking kind of rough, quite a few tomatoes on them though, they’re all top heavy and a little wind will knock them right over especially if the pots are drying out. Cucumbers behind them starting to overtake them.

This zucchini plant is huge and just starting to produce…

Beans and cucumbers, overgrown…

Pumpkins took over, most of it came up on its own out of the middle there, I can’t even capture how big the thing is…it’s sending out vines that are like 20ft long.


I got some big monsters, this was 3 days ago. I kept clones in the green house all winter then planted them in the spring. This year rock! This is just a small part of my garden.


hah awesome man, those are going to be even huger once they start flowering, are you gonna build some sort of cage around them to support those big buds?


I will put up some nets here in a month or so. most of the time they fill in so tight things cant fall over they hold each other up.

Last year was insane but this year is better. Fewer plants but much bigger.


What strains you got going there?


Looks like some kind of guerrilla grow. You’re legal up there… right?


White widow X big bud,Tutankhamen,white widow,CBD lemonade, Ice,critical amnesia,white rhino,black domina, girl scout cookies,green crack, mamilate, Shiska berry and blackberry.

Iv been at this for a lot of years so I know whats good, I dont have any kush right now. I want more kush.

Its not a guerilla grow,its a small farm. That is just one plot.

I’m legal, I also do some breeding work for other commercial growers.


No man, its legal. Its medical, 100% organic. Much of it is made into edibles for the long lasting body high.

Iv feed ganja cookies too my mom.:slight_smile:


A little molasses tea for the ladies.


Don’t let lights hit the plants after it’s dark

You’re in summer and it might fuck them up

You’re risking herms and revegging


Yeah, I read that somewhere but figured it was bullshit. Come to think of it though, my indoor friends were always hardcore about not letting a molecule of light into their grow space off hours, and weed is weed, so it must be true.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll start doing my nightly maintenance before dark. I hope I didn’t already fukk them up.


I checked the video, I saw they’re still vegging so they should be ok

The problem is when they’re flowering, after 3 or 4 weeks

Since you’re doing it outdoors, you should keep an eye open for the photoperiod, how many hours of sun you have

Since you’re in Cali, you should be having 13 hours of sun and now it’s diminishing, so they should start flowering soon

This is an interesting tool. It’s funny that you only get 12/12 in late September, but they will flower with more time of light than darkness.


Yep, still vergging. Getting about 14 hours of sun right now, but I see in the graph on the link you posted we just hit the longest days and started the decline. I really hope they start flowering soon. I don’t really want any more veg growth. It’s going to be a bitch to harvest, trim, dry and cure this much as it is. I fukking hate trimming. I’m also pushing it with these 8 gallon pots. Should have went much bigger.


Got me a 10 pack of Boveda 62s and a few 30 gallon Smart Pots at one of the hydro shops in Riverside. A buck a piece for the Boveda’s. You can’t get them any cheaper online. $10 a piece for the Smart Pots. That’s less than half of what most are charging online. I’ll be doing a lot of business with this joint.


Billdo or Rancid… is there still time to transplant the girls into larger pots… and is there any benefit at this point? All are still vegging, but I’m sure they will start flowering any day now.


Any idea what might be causing this? I’m seeing this on 2 plants. Not widespread… just a few leafs.


I’d probably leave them at this point so you don’t stress them out with the transplant before they start flowering.


I’d transplant them, they’ll grow roots, but you might stress than a little, like Bildo said. They are looking very nice and healthy though, I’d say they’ll benefit from it

The leaf seems to be showing heat and fert stress, cut on the ferts a little

And you’re lucky, I got some Bovedas, but at 10 Reals each, LOL


Or just get some bigger pots, or even the same size of container, fill them up about 1/3 of the way and stick the smaller pot inside of it, the roots will grow down into the lower container. Probably works best with the same size container which is the only way I’ve ever done it… the container should then fit snugly down in the lower one.


Thanks, I think maybe I’ll just transplant 1 or 2 plants into the two 30 gallon pots I bought and see what happens… rather than go for broke and risk my whole crop. That will also allow me to see if I’m really root bound anyway.