My 2016 Garden Thread


I thought about that, but then I’d have to buy a bunch more of the 7 gallon pots and I really have no use for any of the 7 gallon pots beyond this grow. Next year, I’m going 30+ gallon from the jump.

I also drilled really little holes in the pots for drainage. I don’t think the roots will grow much thru them. I guess I could try to drill larger holes now and try that.


Definitely heat stress. It’s been well over 100f for over a month straight now with no end in sight. I water them heavy daily and by the next day the pots are light as a feather again… and my hydrometer shows they are barely moist. One good thing about using smart pots outdoors is that they don’t get as hot and retain a lot more moisture. I should have gone that route from the jump. These plastic pots are scorching to the touch.

Not sure about the ferts. I’m using subcool’s super soil and not adding any additional ferts other than a one-time very light top dressing of Epsoma 5-3-3 to give them a boost. it could be that I went to heavy on amendments when making the super soil.


Here you go man… this is what you need…

for big trees…

or some of these


When it’s hot the plant drinks a lot more water, so it ends up taking more ferts too

That’s why you need to adjust the ratio of fert to the amount of water you’re using

You’re lucky they’re doing well in that heat, 100 is way too high for cannabis

That’s probably the reason why they’re not flowering yet


And consider a nice silica supplement, like Rhino Skin

It helps plants to deal with excessive heat


LOL… 600 gallon. I’ve seen some vids of people using 200 and 300 gallon fabric pots and putting them in the ground. I’m not sure why other than to maybe keep the ferts and water from leeching away. I see some cities using huge planters for trees along mall pathways and such. My indoor commercial grow friend down in Riverside had 300 gallon planter he grew one plant in his back yard for shits and grins. That mutherfukker grew to about 12 ft. despite multiple toppings. I thought about doing one plant straight in the ground but if it breached the height of my security wall I’d just be inviting thief’s.


I’ve been spraying this on everything this year, also helps them repel insects.


where did you get it?


ebay, but the image was hosted at home depot.


For cannabis you’d only want to spray it on veg plants, you could add a little to the water though, makes stems thicker, stronger etc. gives the leaves kind of a silicon coating.


Cool, I’ll run by HD and see if they have any.


I mix up one of those big sprayers like most people use for roundup and shit and hit my whole garden with it once a week or so. One thing of it will go a long ways… and you want to go kind of light on it if you’re foliar spraying… I think I use around 1.25 ml a gallon or so.


When the bugs bite the plants with silica, they can feel the difference

It’s like sand for us

LOL sand in your salad

Take that fucking bugs

I had problems with white flies, fruit flies and thrips here in the beginning

After I started using silica, they don’t stay. I see one here and there but they don’t go ahead


I saw a squash bug on my big pumpkin plants about a week ago, I went and got the sprayer and soaked the plant down with that shit… and under the leaves as much as I could too… haven’t seen anymore and usually when you see one they’re already taking over.


I’ve had pretty good results with the neem oil this go around. Foliated them pretty good a few weeks ago and haven’t seen anymore moths or caterpillars. I’ve never had any issues with mites or thrips. Socal is basically a desert so not a lot of insects to begin with.


Row of in ground tomatoes, these haven’t started ripening yet but the row is loaded down like that. I need to do more rotating of where I plant tomatoes etc. each year, seems like if you plant them in the same spots they have a greater chance of doing shitty…


I planted this one in one of the holes I had tomatoes planted in last year… What the fuck… maybe some animal chomped the growing shoot on it or something… looks like it’s going to produce two tomatoes.


Anyway, I decided to transplant a few into the 30 gallon fabric pots. I should know in a few days they fare. The gals are definitely a bit root bound.

Yeah, I know… keep the light off them. I only have time to fukk with this in the evening, so they will just have to suffer through it for a few days.

Transplanting from 7 gallon to 30 gallon is a LOT of work and takes a LOT of soil. If I do any more, I’ll probably step back to 20 gallon pots.


YOWZA! Those are going to monsterfy pretty good, mang

Relax, they are going to become bushy fat mommas, don’t think they’ll get too tall

With the transplant, they’ll take a break from growing to shoot roots all over that new soil

They should be ok with the lights at night for now, since they’re not flowering yet

But if you want to be 100% safe, I suggest you getting some green light bulbs or those headlights with green leads

If you light them with any other light color in their dark period when their flowering starts, then you’re sure to run into problems

You could get one of those work lights and put a green CFC bulb on them

Plants can’t “see” green lights because their leaves reflect them, so they’re safe to work with flowering weed


Thanks, man. Didn’t know that. Just so happens I do have a few of those hanging work lights. I’ll run out and get some green bulbs.

Did one more transplant last night. Takes about 1.5 hours per transplant as I’m having to condition and amend the extra soil as I go. Takes about 2.5 cubic yards of extra soil per plant. I’ll do one per night until I get them all transplanted.