My 2016 Garden Thread


Finally got them all transplanted into the 25 and 30 gallon smart pots. It was a lot of fukking work and low and behold, on the very day I finished I’m starting to see the early stage of flowering. I hope it wasn’t all a waste of time and energy. :confused:


wow they’re looking good man, you’re going to have lots of buds!


I’d say D_M will get a good 3 pounds out of that

Maybe even more


I was thinking about half that, but regardless, I just thought of something. How the fukk am I going to cure and store that much cannabis? That’s a lot of Mason jars. Is there a larger medium for curing? Would it be okay to use those really big pickle jars?


You could use big jars, I see people with lots of weed using big plastic storage containers, you probably want to make sure the plastic isn’t offgassing any shit though.


Thanks, man. Seems like a tight seal is the real prerequisite, hence the Mason jars. I may hit some 2nd hand or thrift shops and see what they might have.


You could do 5 gallon buckets, I see people using those too. I’d smell the containers before buying them though for funky plastic/chemical smells.


Yeah, I had this vision of me burping about 130 Mason jars every day and that ain’t gonna happen.

I have a few friends back east who are interested in pounds, so I’m hoping to move a good amount as soon as I can get it all cured. I’m thinking $1200 if they come get it or $1500 if they meet me halfway in Colorado or New Mexico. Of course it all hinges on how the quality of the product turns out.



LOLOLOL… funny but true.


Time for my secret weapon… BUD IGNITOR. It’s a one-time application you use in week 1 of bloom to boost size and potency of flowers.

Because I’m using super soil, I can’t really switch feeding from Nitrogen heavy to Phosphate heavy, so I’m hoping this helps.


DUDE I use that one here

That shit is going to make your plant get flowers top to bottom

By far the most expensive fert I use, but worth it


I think you guys are buyin the advanced nutrients voodoo juice… if you think that shit’s great take a piss in a 5 gallon bucket of water once a week and water with that, then compare your results to the pricey advanced nutrients bottles of water.


Cool. Yeah, it was like $50 for a 500ml bottle, but the guy at the hydro store said if you only buy one thing for your outdoor grow… this is the shit you want! Plus, it’s you only use like 2ml per liter of water, so one bottle goes a looooong way.


I picked the biggest zucchini ever today, it didn’t even have one on it a few days ago so it’s not an old overripe one or anything… should be good… the plant is a real monster and has been super green and healthy looking.


Any ideas what might be causing this?

It has me a little worried. I’m seeing it on all plants… some more than others. It’s not epidemic yet, maybe 7 or 8 leaves on the worst plants, but it came on suddenly and I didn’t see it last year at all. I’m in the 2nd week of flower.


If you’re not under-watered, could be a pH thing

I dunno the first thing about raising pot but other plants “burn” like this in my garden from time to time


Thanks. I have an electronic pH meter and I seem to be in the normal range. I did add a 0-1-2 “bloom booster” phosphate amendment about a week ago, but in almost trace amount and this doesn’t look like nute burn.

You may be right about under watering though. It kind of looks like leaf burn. I water every night, but temps have been 100+F for over a month straight now, so maybe it’s still not enough water.


It’s the heat, man

They’re probably well fed and all, but with those temps, some nutrients are not absorbed well by the plant

Then you put water to compensate for the heat and they end up absorbing more of other nutrients, so they end up like that, looking like they’re in a lack and excess at the same time

I fucking hate the heat to grow weed, after this last batch I’ll be so happy to turn it all off for the summer.


So if you have to water more, should you also be adding more nutrients so it doesn’t get diluted? Serious question, since I add water but still see burn (I have a brown thumb)