My 2016 Garden Thread


I’m sorry, I can’t stop giggling long enough to reply.


In all seriousness, this repeated-stress crap is for the birds. It seems to catch up with all of us: my right thumb is almost immobile and I’m learning how to use tools left-handed.

Turning 60 is crap.


Try it for awhile, you won’t be laughing, hurts like a mother, feels like I had my wrist karate chopped in half with a big ice block… but I think it will heal up pretty fast… should be back to almost normal within a week I’d think. It is taking massive amounts of cannabis medication to make this bearable.


(whispers) “Thank you, wrist, thank you.”


I did the same thing last Sunday digging 9 inch hole for my sonic Gopher device. Dug the damn hole with my hand even though I have about 5 of those little Garden shovels. Didn’t hurt until the next morning and now I can barely fukking pickup a fork.


It sounds like it could be tunnel carpel syndrome. They have tests for that kind of thing and a relatively simple surgery if you have it. Check it out while you have insurance. Maybe your girlfriend knows something. In the meantime try not to sleep on your wrists; off set a little. Maybe it relates to your music career, repeated movements and such. Maybe that got it started.

I had it in both wrists and I am glad that I took care of it. No scars and healing only took a week or so.


While I could have maybe a slight case of carpal tunnel, it’s nothing to get cut up over. What I have going on is definitely from putting my thumb over the end of the hose. It’s already feeling a little better today but it’s definitely going to take a few days to heal up.


Going to be out of town for 2-3 weeks in late July and need to come up with a solution for watering my plants. I’m in stealth mode, so having a friend or neighbor water them is out of the question. I’ve been looking at a bunch of auto-watering rigs on Amazon and such, but they are pricey and none really look like they are too fukking reliable. I also don’t care to be fukking with all those clips, connectors and tubing. Plus, I’ve only found 1 that will service more than 10 plants.

The upside down soda bottle method isn’t going to deliver enough H2O for my needs. Same with those ceramic watering globes.

So, what I’m thinking about doing is buying an inexpensive digital timer like this…

and hooking it up to a cheap soaker hose that I string around and can run into each pot. I can set it for a few hours a day to give the plants a good slow drink. Any other ideas?


Hannah could stop by, but then, having Hannah in your garden when you’re not there makes no sense whatsoever.


I’d be afraid of the pressure backing up at the wall where you connect the hose to your house… at least mine… and in my case flooding the basement… I’d go with a big tank/reservoir, a timer to run the pump and then you could hook that up to your soaker hose.


I thought about that. Some guy on the Grasscity forum said he bought a $15 pond pump at Lowes, put that on a timer and then just drops it in a 30 gallon trash can full of water.


I’m getting too old for this. An hour hoeing in the sunlight and I’m done.


Some people don’t complain about spending time with hoes.


Bingo! Found a simple cheap solution just browsing the irrigation aisle at Lowes on my way home last night. 2 little sprinkler head mod caps with 8 drip ports each, a 100ft coil of drip hose and a few spray spikes. I just screw the mod caps onto the nearest lawn sprinkler heads, run the drip hose into the planters and once a night when the lawn sprinklers go off I get a watering. Hell, I can just use this as my regular watering. Cost… $10.


Here in drought-ridden CA, there is a limit on how much watering you are allowed to do (enforced by shaming, since those who can afford it are not deterred by fines). However if you use a drip system, especially an underground one (I have a netafim system) you are neither restricted nor called out since (and I am finally getting to my point) you will save a lot of water doing it with a drip system such as what you show, targetting where the water needs to get instead of watering a bunch of real estate that doesn’t need it.


Here in SB, all of the fines and shaming are based on your overall water consumption. There aren’t any specific rules regarding watering devices like pop-up sprinklers (except they do forbid hose washing your car or hose spraying your driveway/sidewalks w/o an auto shutoff nozzle). What most people have done is program their pop-up sprinkler irrigation system to only water the lawn 3 times a week or only run the system for 10 minutes rather than 20. In my case, we are only 2 people who use so little water inside the house that we don’t need to worry about tweaking the sprinklers. We haven’t even come close to going over our allotment.

That said, the drip mod system for my crops will save a lot of water. Right now, when I hose water them more water ends up on the patio than in the planters.


Two of my three little autos are starting to flower. Going to be some small buds and I’m guessing I’ll pull about an OZ tops off of each plant. That’s just the way it is with the auto strains. You sacrifice quantity for quick turnover. It’s all good. They’re fun to grow and I have something new to try by early summer.


Autos need 24 hours of light to have a good sizeable production


You guys should use that gel that retains water, very good to keep the plant hydrated and save water


There’s some debate on whether to give Autos 24 or 21/3 at flowering. Some feel the 3 hour rest increases trichome production. Probably doesn’t matter one way or the other, but one thing I’ve noticed is that most growers tend to get anal with details after a few years. Do this precisely… do that precisely. Meh… I’m not going to be entering the Cannabis Cup anytime soon and don’t really have time for all the minutia anyway.

The Auto strains are definitely more suited for indoor than outdoor growing. Not only the lighting, but they are bit more delicate. All of my auto gals were stressed and on life support for the first few weeks. They definitely don’t like dealing with stuff like wind, sun and insects. Real poosies they are.

Nonetheless, I’ll probably plant a few more for fun/variety and then save my remaining auto seeds for whenever I get around to setting up a grow tent or greenhouse.