My two heroes discussing failed capitalism



Although curious as to who your heroes du jour might be, I was not curious enough to click and spend a lot of time finding out.


You might want to listen to Richard Wolff, whose name is on the video in the op. He is one of the few people speaking sense re capitalism. But if it’s too much effort, fine, go back to watching football or playing chess, or looking at pics of big breasts. All of those things are terribly important.


Had I been able to see a name on the video, I’d not have said what I said. But feel free to ignore my constructive feedback if you prefer.

PS…some of us use small handheld devices to get here, sometimes.


You can’t really believe that was constructive feedback… SMH

Anyway, if anyone is interested, economics professor Richard Wollf is a really valuable voice in these disquieting times, imo. You might want to check him out. The interview is in three parts. The last part discusses interesting solutions to toxic capitalism.


I’m a long time fan of Wolff. Much available on


I watch him on his Democracy at Work channel on Youtube. He’s great.


BTW, I believe he speaks once a month in NYC. Have you ever gone?


To NYC? Yes, but rarely these days. I generally make a full report when I return.


To one of his talks. :roll_eyes:


The economy and Merican capitalism is a joke, it’s more like a feudal system where the extremely wealthy own everything of any real value and their lowly dogs get to do their bidding and fight over some scraps… hasn’t it always been this way?


Probably, which probably means it’s high time for some big changes.


No, but when next you are out this way - let’s go.


Change starts at home, join the underground economy. :slight_smile:


I really have nothing to offer the underground economy. IMHO, it’s time for revolution, and we should start with our economic structure.


You could write, direct, produce porn that women would like, it would probably pay a lot better than the University after you built up a following.


…and we could hope for a cameo by Lotus her self. :tonguewag


It will come soon enough.


I would hope for a revolution but I think most people here are too stupid to create anything better and would only create something even worse.


That’s so far afield from anything I have any desire to pursue, I can’t even express it in make believe, science fictional type distances.

I would much rather become a marijuana farmer.