Never forget


Murica is full of fearful, childish, easily triggered, often violent dumbasses…


Never forget a huge percentage of Mericans are still crying like a bunch of pussies 18 years later because someone actually had the nerve to hit us back. Even after murdering millions of people who had nothing to do with it at all in revenge, costing thousands more american lives, looting the treasury for the war and blood money, emotionally and mentally damaging their own family members they sent over there for life, they’re still bawling and having a big emotional fit today… not to take anything away from the ACTUAL victims and their families.


We hit ourselves - we did it

get it

no fucking two ways about it


Just going along with their narrative, even if their narrative were true which it isn’t the response was truly moronic. And they’re still trying to act like all of this was a great idea as we head deeper into the New American Century…


I’m saddened by the innocent people who died.

The actual cause or perpetrator of the event causing so much death is an entirely different subject- a separation which low IQers can’t fathom.


They let us out of work real early

A girl walked up to me and said

I will be in room 128 at the Holiday inn


I feel sorry for any innocent bystanders that are taken out by violent asshole warmongers or terrorists.


You don’t gotta lie to kick it


Yu think it’s a lie



I mean, whatever floats your boat and stuff.


dying of vaping on 9/11 is peak millennial



7-11 was a part-time job!!!


I want this shirt!



There’s that “mourning wood” I wuz talkin about this morning.


That shirt is entirely inappropriate.