New Florida law will provide certificates for miscarriages


Conz wasting money on snowflake bullshit…


I take it you’ve never lost a child.


It’s a miscarriage dimwit…


What is the point? It smells like some anti abortion shenanigans.


In reading through the article, it sounds like it’s a piece of paper to acknowledge the loss of a potential pregnancy should a parent wish to do so. I think some parents who have had miscarriages would like formal acknowledgement of their lost (potential) baby.

It’s also optional.

That said, it wouldn’t take much to put in this framework then require women who have had abortions to obtain said certificate or for doctors to issue them.

Slippery slope IMHO.


My thoughts exactimundo.


It’s definitely anti-abortion bullshit. Texas tried to force people to have burials for aborted (naturally or by choice) fetuses. A federal judge blocked them. The people proposing this shite should be hanged, imo.