New Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations are out -- Speak your mind


NEW nominees, first timers:
Stevie Nicks (already an inductee as a member of Fleetwood Mac)
Def Leppard
John Prine
Roxy Music
Todd Rundgren

All are the first-time nominees for the 2019 class, it was announced on Tuesday, joining a more diverse selection of returning acts who have not made the final cut, including Janet Jackson, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine.

The rapper LL Cool J was nominated for a fifth time, and would become the seventh hip-hop act inducted, the first since Tupac Shakur in the class of 2017. Others who have been passed over before and were granted another chance: Kraftwerk (four previous nominations); MC5 (three); the Zombies (three); Rufus featuring Chaka Khan (two); and the Cure (one).


I’m kind of “WTF” over Def Leppard… But I guess they were a big act for a while.


John Prine - nuff sed


Roxy Music, John Prine, Devo and we’re done. I LOVE Stevie Nicks, I think every male who came of age in the 70’s and 80’s loves her, I adore her rasp but she should only be in for Fleetwood Mac. # or 4 hits as a solo artist isn’t enough. Take Paul McCartney, he should be in for Beatles and Wings, not solo in my opinion


I agree with you on solo vs band members concept.