Nike online sales


A report from Edison Trends said the company’s online sales grew 31 percent from Sunday through Tuesday. The surge was better than the 17 percent increase recorded last year during the same period, the report stated.


I always buy Nike. The local clothing store has a clearance rack for shoes and I used to always be able to get a pair of Nike Air size 13W at $89 for about $12. They stopped doing this a couple of years ago but I still have 1 pair left. Sometimes it’s nice to have big feet.:grin:


For some reason, I always pictured you as a size 9 or 10 guy.


I usually buy Adidas
Regardless, the Nike campaign didn’t sway me either way.


They’re like. Just shoes.


Did you know it was a Green Beret that suggested to Colin about Kneeling, rather than just sitting?


I thought it was an honorable alternative


Why do the Green Berets hate are country and military?


I think the Green Berets are secret Muslins!


Keep in mind that it is back to school time. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to short term trends like this. Wait a few months.


Translation - I wanted nike to go down so I will find some bullshit rat fuck con reason it went up


Translation of the translator-LR took the wind out of my sails by stating that which is obvious.:cry:

I am not a big fan of Nike, I have previously posted about this on these boards.


Screenshot or it never happened.