No prison time for California cops who sold drugs they confiscated



Yet a father sells tobacco on the street, he gets choked out.


Why not just hire the Crips and Bloods?


Are the Altamont Hell’s Angels already booked for something else?


What’s the other big gang out there El Norte or something like that, maybe we could hire them.


I was in Reno last Sept, happened to be during the “Street Vibrations” event, anyone not wearing certain colors was very polite that weekend. Not a particularly fun trip.


What were you doing at a ghey biker event, not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Usually my buddies and I go for the “Best of the West” National BBQ rib cookoff, but were unable to make it that weekend. The weekend we ended up going was the Motorcycle weekend, and we decided afterwards we should do a little more checking before we settle on a time to go.


Same thing in Myrtle Beach, SC, Black biker week.


Cops stealing and selling dope there too? I think it’s a widespread problem.


I was responding to Wabbit. Wrong place, wrong time scenario. Off topic.


What were you doing at black bike week? :slight_smile:


Fortunately, I was told to avoid the area during that time. Read about it.