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70% of target shooters have elevated levels of lead in their blood! Levels are higher than those found in people living next to an industrial lead factory.

The elevated levels are present after just a day or two of shooting and can linger for months.


Six calls bullshit


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Where is the lead - keep believing bullshit and I will have enuf for a video


Are you saying all bullets are lead free?


Those don’t look like the Mags I had on my Pinto.


Not lead free - jacketed - enuf to make the op bullshit - how much lead is gona rub off on ya?

first of all how many shoot regularly

most a few times a year at most

I have not pulled a trigger in years except for finding my old .22 and then only a few shots


Lead is found in bullets as well as the explosive that ignites gunpowder. When a bullet is fired, it gets so hot that that lead actually vaporizes. Firing range employees breathe in the lead fumes, as well as ingest lead dust that settles on their body and clothes. OSHA sets the permissible level of atmospheric lead at 50 micrograms/meter2, but the report found that level frequently exceeded at military firing ranges, sometimes by several orders of magnitude.


I don’t know. Do you?

Jeff seemed to take his gun everywhere and shoot at shit, and wear camo to boot. And, well, how smart is he?


Shooting is not cheap -


Do you actually believe these people who have 72 guns, take pics and videos of themselves with their guns, and go to gun shows and KKK rallies don’t shoot their guns frequently?


I think they also like some alone time with their guns too, cleaning and polishing them, nahmean?


I picture gun fondler get togethers like Klan meetings and sich, to be like Beirut was when they rounded up most of the palestinians and shipped them off to Egypt or Saudi, one of those desert places, anyway they were firing there ak’s up in the air randomly and hooting and hollering like they’d just won world war 3, except the Mericans would have beer too.


How many would that be - I don’t know anyone like that and I know some heavily armed folks

and so what

a lot of hobbies involve health risks


Alrighty then…


Perhaps, but not as often to people not involved in the hobby.


Mother Jones



So are you saying the report is a lie because Mother Jones reported on the report? Good logic, Six.


It’s nonsense - there would be tens of thousands of people ill with lead from the military alone



See cause number one in the link below.

The avg grunt is probably ok, but the more elite level units fire shit tons of ammo in training.

Paint peeling around a window frame
Lead is a naturally occurring metal that has been used in the production of batteries, metal products such as solder and pipes, devices to shield X-rays, explosives, artillery, ammunition, and more.

Because of health concerns, lead use has decreased dramatically in gasoline, ammunition, paints, ceramics, caulking, and pipe solder over the past decades.

If you have health concerns about lead exposure during service, talk to your health care provider or contact your local VA Environmental Health Coordinator to help you get more information from a health care provider.

How Veterans may have been exposed to lead
Veterans may be at risk for elevated lead levels if they:

Spent many days at indoor firing ranges, such as in a special operations unit

Had contact with lead-based paints that were deteriorating

Drank water from old lead pipes

Had contact with lead in the air, dust, soil, water, and some commercial products