No wonder ammosexuals are so dumb


MJ is a commie gun grabbing fucking rag - IMHO


MJ is simply relating the findings of studies. Did you read the article?


check my va link.


Yes I did


Like Obama, and sweet Hillary. :laughing:


Yeah, were much better off now

yer not to old for boots doc


doc in the army

You will have to go hide in Starlingville


I would not be opposed to being a militia member as the founders envisioned. Anyone who ever put on a US military uniform, particularly from the Vietnam era to present, is a traitor to this nation, its founding values and principles, and its people.
did swear their allegiance to the MIC and Corporately controlled government. Essentially - they are petty criminals if not worse…

Traitors to this nation

and frankly - I would place the above on the same level as defectors to Starlingville. :laughing:


The defectors were the only ones with sense - a good friend of mine was a CO

they put him to work in some kitchen fer two years

His EXACT words to me - I ain’t fucking going - good fer him


An interesting thought that perhaps merits a thread of its own.


I don’t blame people who got drafted or who joined up to avoid getting drafted. Come on.


I think we were speaking of different Starlingvilles.


Holliday’s plaint is more of the butthurt variety.