Not So Sure That Oak Would Agree




best mexican restaurant in Trumplandia


What was the competition, Truck Stop Deli Case Burritos?


It’s not even Mexican.

Taco Bell taco


Real taco…tortilla is soft…no lettuce, no tomato, instead there is cilantro, onion, usually salsa and often a squeeze of lime


That looks delicious.:slightly_smiling_face:


It’s amazing!


I enjoy taco bell

Surely isn’t real Mexican food
And I don’t care


That’s all I was saying. It’s not Mexican food. It’s American fast food. And clearly Americans have no idea what real Mexican food is if they think Taco Bell is Mexican.


AHA! Soooooo how come a Chihuahua founded and ran the company for so long?


Del Taco is a lot better.


You don’t despised that.damn dog was to many.


If you don’t mind would you provide an Oak approved recipe for those tacos. Thanks in advance.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am a pretty good cook(my opinion LOL) but I usually cook many of the same recipes. I was reading a restaurant menu the other day and I was thinking that I should try most of the dishes being offered. That might be fun. Search engines make it more doable.


I ate at a place ran by real Mexicans a couple weeks ago. it wasn’t very good, it was like a cross between authentic and merican… I had a couple chicken tacos, rice and beans, iceberg lettuce, the chicken in the tacos looked like it was probably prepared and cut up authentically, crappy tortila, bad looking fast food type tomato… and I think it was all loaded with preservatives by the way I felt later and the next day…


That kind of half-assed restaurant could just be a front for someone laundering drug money.

Or they think white folks won’t know any better


LOL I told my girlfriend it looked like the kind of place you could order a kilo of coke if you knew someone! :smiley:


MSG makes me antsy sometimes - I try to stay away from it


Please do it for us!


Do what? Have MSG?


Stay away of course


What is the meat?