Not that I'm a Ted Cruz fan,


He probably has chicks shit on his chest.




No, we just kept reading.

And then this happened…

All directly on topic. Why do good work when you’re just going to shit all over it?


Ah yes
I was simply referring to the topic- the one letter.

Nothing more.


Don’t we conventionally refer to that letter as the OP, in order to differentiate it from various meanderings the thread might take?


And yet the more puts your topic in context. You’re ok with context, yeah?


Pukes be like: it’s not sexual

Imdb: its sexual


Let’s forget that 195K Americans have died. Ted Cruz’s pussy hurts.


I don’t like Cruz at all. Isn’t he the cuck who wants you to voat for the guy who called Cruz’s wife UGLY?

However, I’ve always been horrified by these soccer moms who sexualize their daughters starting when they’re in diapers. Even the martyred JonBenet Ramsey’s competition pics were repulsive to me.

I don’t need to read the IMDB article to know what I think of this movie. Our practice in the USA has been to let people make repulsive movies (because free speech) and slap a RATING on them, and I recall in the Clinton era being put off by Tipper Gore’s sensibilities, but as Barnum said, nobody ever lost a nickel underestimating the taste of the US consumer.

It’s a slippery slope to start asking a sleazeball hack AG to censor shit from the top down. The normal way to go after this issue would be by legislation, and create a new censor office. Chop chop, Boro.


I agree.



It’s a good thing that Ziegfeld pic doesn’t go all the way down, else we mighta seen her ANKLES.


Crazy how the left thinks pedophilia is okay.