Now that's a wreck



That’s a gooder wreck than the one that kilt the two douche bags that stole my stores used up old Dodge Neon.


People survived that though! Great engineering.


Fair point. I took an 80kms crash on my motorbike when some old fuck swung across my lane. He never saw me and I went into his hood.

It is amazing the things you can survive.


A buddy of mine had a guy on a bike literally embed himself into the engine compartment of his car, my friend was sitting at a light at an intersection. The kid sailed a couple hundred feet over his car, he caught a glimpse of the first responders squeegeeing up goop off of the road. .ok the kid didn’t embed himself into Daryl’s car, but his bike fused itself into his engine compartment


Yeah man, can be a mess.

Crazy thing is I had the most amazing trip when I got hit, fucking beautiful, then spent several hours in a adams familyesque hell that was also weirdly beautiful.

I wouldn’t do it again, but I would recommend it for the experience.

2.5 stars on yelp.

Also morphine


The coolest part was watching these deformed mutants biting rings from the fingers from the swollen corpses the hospital was throwing into the ocean.

So otherwordly, but so like real. I don’t know man. Life’s a trip.


I had a few surgeries at a VA (Military Veterans) Hospital years ago, my memory of being in the recover/post surgery room after one of those surgeries, where they watch to see if you will wake up or not, I remember being a completely out of character, acting like a complete asshole and bitching and screaming at the nurses for water or ice or whatever i was screaming about…a few days later as I am recovering and still in hospital I wheeled myself over to the recovery ward, and found one the nurse I recognized…and started to apologize for being a rude fuck…she was as sweet as could be and just laughed and told me I was as sweet as could be.,I am pretty sure she was lying to me, but I was ok with it.


She probably coped some fucking shit in that role and you were being pretty good. Speaks to your character that you would apologize for something you had no control over. It’s a very agreeable thing to do.


I realized that, but felt bad for my self-perceived crudeness to her, and did think after leaving her station, that she was just a professional and I wasn’t her first patient to come out of general anesthesia…


You’re a good guy.


I just try to be aware of my surroundings.Sometimes I get what’s happening.


You can experience exactly the same thing as the near death experiences on good amounts of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs… but what’s the hallucination, this world or those worlds? :slight_smile:


To be honest, this was very different to a drug trip. This was my brain halfway between collapse and dream as it tried to keep me alive. It was more dreamlike than trip like, it was living a van gogh.