NRA Lifer shoots himself in leg holstering his gun, wait for it...during a safety class


NRA employee accidentally shoots himself at headquarters: report


Good thing he had a gun, so’s he could… um, wait. Never mind.


If his gun has a gun it would’ve protected him.

Guns reduce violence ok



Was he Nazi or commie or a mix


gun violence and “accidents” happen because they were enough guns then?


It means you need more guns

Gun / Gun = No gun because someone died

Kinda like 1 / 1 = 1



1 / 1 = 1

is like

gun / gun = no gun

I can see why you decided upon the military over higher education, your SAT score for analogies was probably not as hoped


Good SAT + ASVAB = Infantry


Isn’t infantry where most everyone starts?


What shit job does the Army stash its School washouts? In the Navy it was Bo’suns Mates, ie nonstop ship painting, and the AF it was SP or Security Police.


HR usually and Supply.

You can be dumb, blind and broke and be good at those.


No…? Everyone starts out at Basic Training but that’s background Soldiering skills. Infantryman go to Infantry School after, or OSUT (Infantry school and basic combined) while Human Resources go to HR school and Supply goes to Supply school, etc


Also 4 = chair


Is there hierarchy among those units or are you all at the bottom of the totem pole?


Can you ask that differently? It makes no sense.

The rest of the Army exists FOR the Infantry. Everyone else is support, so the most important people are the Infantry… if that’s what you’re asking.


bottom of the totem pole

yeah, that


The hierarchy is in every branch, every division, every job classification or task, (There are Generals and Privates in Supply) as far who is most “Elite” that is debatable because all jobs are important to the overall mission, but those “closest” to the action and what skill levels they train at from Tier 1 Special Forces down to the boot camp grunt and artillery and air support etc are the proverbial “Boots on the ground” and in a sense, like Bromo said, everyone else supports their efforts.


Idiots supporting bigger idiots - how novel


But if if any of the witless fools are heroes, they look like this guy.

He did what he could to help his comrades, at extreme risk to himself.

Even in a Navy Boot Camp(not front line troops for the 99.99th% part), my little sawed off banty hen submarine sailor Company Commander told us near graduation, if you are ever in the shit, it ain’t God or America, or the Flag or the pledge of allegiance, or mom and dad or that sweet pussy you have back home, it’s the man to your left and to your right that you are fighting for.