Obama exchanges Taliban Prisoners for a GI, the RW Echo Chamber lost it's shit


When Trump trades Taliban Prisoners for foreigners, silence.


And here I thought Trump would try to undo Obama’s legacy, he shoulda given away US citizens in exchange for Talibans to accomplish that!


Was this dude a deserter piece of shit like Berghdbal


He was an American. We prefer to not leave men behind.


Sure. He should’ve been shot for desertion though.

Especially with how many people died looking for his ass.


Seems to me your superior Officers had a dissenting opinion.


Rule of Law and UCMJ overweighs personal opinion.


I’m actually semi surprised Trump hasn’t pardoned him. Probably because it isn’t happening right now in front of him.


Probably because Bergdahl ditched America.

While someone like the SEAL committed a war crime, he did it for the security of America. Killing a bomb maker? Sure. He just did it at the wrong time and thus broke warfare laws


I’m less concerned about the bomb maker than the probable civilians