Oh and Juanita Broderick


Believe me, believe me, but don’t believe Dr.Ford.

FUCK YOU. I never believed your account, god damned skank. She was married and having an affair and then also allowed Bill Clinton to come to her hotel room.

She was gonna fuck him and felt guitly about cheating on two other men she was still fucking. She’s a partisan hack and I’ve always known it.

And for the record, Bill Clinton had terrible taste in women. She was a dog then and she’s a dog now. Only now she’s clearly baring her teeth for CONS.


On my birthday a few years ago I got tickets to watch Debbie Harry do an ‘internship’ at the Cafe Carlyle where all the great jazz and other performers of note from Count Basie to Ella Fitzgerald before she wrecked, Sinatra, you get the idea. I got front row seats and it was a really big night for stars, our biggest in one night and look who sat directly behind me. I didn’t get anything on her dress…at all. Not butter, not soup, not DNA. I thought she looked good. She’s since become a strong voice for women I know that.


Oh, and Juanita Broderick is a pan-faced sow and I’m certain her son Matthew is embarrassed by her


LOL, I was looking for Broderick in that pick at first. Then I noticed who was there…

I’m on the fence with her to be honest. I think deciding she’s a victim all these years later after she made the adult choices she did is bullshit.

But, I also don’t put her in the same universe with that ugly cow Broderick.