OK, serious question


Cable is fucking expensive. Satellite simply lied when they sold me their package. Streaming is okay, but I can’t get the networks live.

I’m looking into HD amplified indoor antennae: Moho Curve 50, ClearStream 2Max, or even EZ Digital.

The problem is, I’m between fifty and sixty miles from the towers, and even here in the flatlands, that’s a fur piece.

Anyone got experience with technology like this? Or any recommendations?


A few of my dog park bros dig the digital antennas claiming about 50 channels. Also I’m hearing good things about sling and the like.




I remember when people were told that if they bought into cable that they wouldn’t have to watch any more TV ads…FACT


Is that a recommendation, or a sneer?


Both. It’s expensive but fast and more channels than you can watch, I wish they had cafeteria plans but why should they?


Obama was trying to do that and trump fucked it up