On the one hand


I tend to be a homebody by nature.

On the other hand it feels like we’re being
grounded, and I want to rebel.


I feel exactly the same. Getting Corona Virus Cabin Fever…


I’ve discovered something different. Day time TV.


We’re still allowed to go out and take walks…



Yeah, I know. It’s been raining, and being Californian, you know we don’t do that. lol
Today is lovely though.


Italy is keeping it real


Apparently nothing can stop Italians
from having a night life. They just
are having it from their balconies.

I don’t even have a patio.


That is turning out to be some
irritating shit.

So, any of you know the easiest way
to connect my computer to my tv
(which has an obscene number of
ports!) so I can watch videos?

I’d prefer cables but I might have to break
down and go wireless. :frowning:


The easiest way:

Check your TV to see if it has any USB2 ports, like the rectangular one on your phone charger that the cord plugs into.

If so, go to Best Buy or Walmart and buy a Chromecast stick. Prolly less than fifty bucks.

Plug it into your TV, use the TV remote to find it, and log the TV into your home wireless network. You will be coached.

Download the Chromecast app to your computer, tablet, and/or desktop. You will be coached.

That should be all you need. No wires or cables.


Your TV doesn’t have a VGA port? That’s a standard monitor cable (pre-HDMI), works with TVs that have 'em. Could be called “PC”


It does. I just have to get my
ass back to staples to find a

Both my TV and laptop have
VGA, USB, and HDMI ports.

So I just have to get something long
enough, and set it to be a second


That’s no hill for a stepper, as my uncle used to say.


The only problem I have with
the chromecast is that it only
support video from a few sources.

And there’s a couple I like to use
that will probably never be on the
approved list.