One of my students has been asking me all semester


to check out his vlogs. He wants to be a comedian, I think. He is an adorable, clever kid. So, I finally looked at his videos. They’re all over the place. Just sort of rambling. He needs to take some stand-up, or improv, or writing classes. Or all three. And get more directed in his vision.

I don’t want to just go into class and straight up say that to him, though. I need to be more encouraging before I offer criticism.

Any ideas?

He also keeps begging me to be in one of his videos. LOL. He calls me “Captain.”


If nothing else at least, show him some respect and appreciation, if you think he might have the spark to possibly do something in the communication field, just encourage him to work on building a story, a joke , a bit, how to have a beginning a middle and en end or punch line…tell him to study haiku’s to better get at the heart the essence of the idea, or something, to distract him from you… possibly…


I’d suggest coming with some concrete things for him to study like suggesting he should watch specific comedians or recommend classes he could take to further his craft.

So like…

“Hey comedian student. I watched your videos. It looks like you’re off to a good start. You do insert some point here well. I think you would benefit from this writing class. Oh and I heard there’s a great improv class here…”

Encourage his vision.


Right on. Thanks.


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