One of the best teams in history scores 68 in the first half


and is still down by almost 20 points

Cavs are playing out of their minds


Fuck, one hopes this won’t be a repeat of last year’s finals.


Irving smoking.


Yeah, the officials lost control of this game early on, and since Cleveland has more and “better” thugs, they’re going to win.


Dubs didn’t win a single quarter. Never led.


I’ve never wanted to give James too much credit but he has played 4 very solid games.
I like seeing GS fail in their quest for an undefeated post season, as much as Pats losing their undefeated season in the SB.


The game’s in Cleveland, right?

That’s just how they roll there.


Read somewhere all these series sweeps are costing GS and the NBA money. Records are nice, but GS has that huge payroll to think about.



Let us not forget that it’s now okay (legal) for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc to RIG games and playoffs.


Yeah, the classless fans in The Mistake on the Lake lived up to the low bar they’ve set over the years.


Could there be as bigger shithole that Cleveland? Well, maybe Shit Louis. Lost their NBA team, NFL team (Twice) and nearly their NHL team. Oh, and that big stupid arch thing needs to go as well.


When I lived upstate a bit from here, there was an old Afro American dude…handyman…who was one of my spiritual mentors. His son was a lifer in the Army signal corps, and Sy had a pic of his son standing ON THE FUKKIN TOP of that arch with 2 other dudes after they had just installed the navigation beacon on it. The top of the Arch is about 8 feet wide, and the pic must have been taken from an aircraft with a telephoto lens because you could just barely see the front edge of the top surface at the bottom of the pic. And all I could think of was, how the fukk could those 3 get up on top of it? And also, I don’t care how many Benjamins you priint, there is no fukkin way I’ma gonna try that.


Or just put up a second and sell shitburgers under them.


So did he jump, or nah?


I lived in St. Louis for 25 years and never once even went up in it. Never had the desire. I can’t imagine standing on the top even harnessed… and I climb mountains.

Years ago some dude at the VD Fair with a parachute tried to land on top. What a dumbass. He landed on top alright, but proceeded to slide down to his death. How the hell did he think he would be able to come to a stop?


I recall that.


What is this thread about? What language are you all speaking?


Oh, stewardess, I speak NBAish.