One of the few I liked - Anthony Bourdain - Suicide


They’re taking all the grad school seats that the white peoples are too dumb to take!

Muh White genocides!


me too but not to most ceiling cat believers… about a year and 7 months ago though I was sick to the point that I was ready to die and even wished I would die a few times and even briefly considered killing myself a few times and might have if I would have had a hot shot of heroin/morphine handy because if I were going to do it that’s the way I’d go, fuck that hanging or jumping off a bridge shit or blowing your brains out…


Trouble does not come to stay, it comes to pass.


I had a horrible flu about 20 years ago, where I was thinking death might be better than what I was going through, I hurt everywhere, couldn’t hold anything down, was in agony. I remember thinking, now I think I see where Greg went through, Greg was my next door neighbor and BF in First and 2nd grade, everyone at school thought we were brothers, we went everywhere together detc, anyway, he went to work in the woods which had been his dream his whole life and got injured severely and was at home all busted up in a body cast and living on opiates…when one day he swallowed a bunch of his pills and floated away.






Well, want it or not, Trump outlived him.