Our Children are Not Safe from These Sexual Predators


I think we have a woman problem.


“A Texas history teacher has been arrested and charged with sexual assault with a former male student after meeting up at a local Chick-fil-A restaurant, PEOPLE confirms.”


Evidently we are talking about the STATUTORY definition of sexual assault in this instance.


Exactly - these cunning beasts choose victims who don’t even realize they are being assaulted.


Lock them up … along with all the rapey men and there are A LOT of those running around.


Because so many more women do this than men do it? Yeah, okay.


You have to wonder how often these assaults go unreported because the child is ashamed, embarrassed or intimidated.


That would more often be a female child who takes responsibility for being assaulted.


But Lotus - once again you are shifting the discussion away from the topic. Let’s keep to the point which is the threat of predatory women.


Seems if you aren’t a high school boy with hots for teacher, you’re safe.

I still can’t go out dancing without some guy who won’t take the hint slobbing all over me.



The topic of trying to deflect focus away from the degeneracy of so many men?


Please re-read the thread, miss - it is about women sexual predators.
That’s what the thread is about should anyone ask.


So how old were you, when your mother suddenly stopped nursing you?


Pardon me, son - were you issued a hall pass?


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were still here, you may go now.


Projectionist much?
I am not a defector. You defectors can stay defective. I…will be here till the end.


You are a deflector, though.


No I am not.
We must explore the subject thoroughly, not just a single aspect.


You MR, 1881 Posts then disappear for months?


Defector, I wrote - not disappearer.