PA councilman arrested for driving into protesters, entire council lawyers up



I been looking and cannot find out if he is maga or not - not even on bell acres site


The other injured person doesn’t? Wow.


I expect the other person will also want this, but hasn’t yet spoken to the media about it.


They gotta be dancing in the aisles at the white house


Violent thug.

I wonder what kind of person run through crowds of protestors. :roll_eyes:


I mean if you’re protesting where cars go, don’t be mad when a car goes over you.



:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


^^^ libertarian values


So libers put out their own fires then and make their own roads and stoplights


Those are the anti-commies


Why would a Libertarian lower himself to drive on Socialist roads anyway? Stick to the toll roads Ayn Rand.


I have studied the libertarian policies in great detail

Unfortunately their position on health care will send them to camp fucking zero