Parkland survivor sends 'thoughts and prayers' to defeated NRA-backed candidates



Thoughts and prayers for destroying rights.


No rights were destroyed.


No, not even the right for legislators to sell their souls to special interest groups for money.


That’s quite wonderful.


Obviously you haven’t seen 1639…


To take away rights one would think that the US Constitution would need to be amended especially with something as contentious as the Second Amendment. Again, nobody’s rights as a citizen were destroyed.



I was unaware that NRA-backed GOP candidates had the “right” to be re-elected, and tht electing someone else was a violation of said right.

Boro teaches us new stuff every day! Je mourrai moins bête.


I’m talking about an in state bill, 1639, which bans 18-20 year olds from buying guns, waivers medical privacy, opens you up to search and seizure and requires training courses (that which I agree with, but there is no exemption for veteran/mil)


Wrong thread.


Nah, if I didn’t have a shitbag Demoncuck governor, we’d be fine.