Pence is on the NK border with his daughter looking thru the spyglass


I wonder if he will put anyone who had an abortion in the same prison where he conducts shock therapy on gays - would save a lot of money


Life expect of 32 - LMAO - same as the dark ages


True enough. They need to stick to bitching about how terrible he is at literally everything he tries to do.



Trump totally has little man syndrome. It’s funny, cause he’s tall and fat. Maybe it’s the little hands syndrome that makes him such an idiotic bully.


Kimmy has way more little man syndrome .


I guess that’s better than Little Hands Syndrome.


Whatever floats your boat.


Water floats my boat. The question is, can a man with wee little itty bitty hands row it?


I like going on yahoo and slamming Drumpf’s obesity…


Well done


Thanks, here’s a couple more… lol


LMAO. I love the 300 lb Liberace one. There is something gay about his obsession with his hair, and with shiny gold stuff.


Liberace had talent.



LOL! That’s hilarious.




since you guys liked those here’s a couple more!


Yer feeling better then a few weeks ago fer sure


These are hilarious, Billdo. I love 'em.