Persistent Idea that White People were Invented by Agriculture


Well - I was hoping for a more inquisitive and enlightened audience.

At least Billdo showed up.


I think you spoke way too soon, not that anyone is actually voating on such a question but perhaps the Likes indicate some kind of feedback from readers.


Of course, Spoon. Popularity always decides where truth and insight lay. Isn’t that why we have a President Trump? :wink:


No, palomine… popularity suggested we should have a President PIAPS.


:smile: Did you fall asleep, old pal?

Perhaps, now that you might have been jostled awake, you could analyse the deficiencies in the theory that this article expounds. Respective, of course, of the discussion, such as it was.


On this forum, I’m much more likely to speculate about your affectation of the UK spelling of “analyze.” The other matters of which you speak… I’ve already done all the analysis I have energy for, and since my opinion is inadequately researched I don’t think it prudent to share it here unless both you and the other commenters ask me for it.

And perhaps, not even then.


Plenty of lettering on your white flag.

…Enyways - back to my reading. :slight_smile:


No use begging. :wink:



PS: Just so yuz know, all - I was less criticizing the mechanism of skin lightening, than the dating, which per the article and theory, is absurd. Also leaves out critical components of the original as I recall.


Lay what?


Lay you. :stuck_out_tongue:




Here is a whole theory that white people were invented by nature around 26,000 years ago.

Can you read into this "theory"and see the racist mutherfuckers who wrote it for what they are?
PS: you may have to do the reading. Reading can take time, libs.
Here is some Black Supremacy - the author of LoLz


Fake news.



A sad mistitling - Should be the reverse. DNA shows NorAf Berbers came from Atlantic Ocean.

I know how painful this will be for some of you guilty Lib types but Cro-Magnon are the white race of the Green Island - They had their origins more than a million years ago. They are the cream of our ancestry.
…and never came from Africa.

Oh - PS: Clovis/Solutreans were Cro-Magnon.


I remember that show… came on right after Bandstand.


The remnant of North America’s First Peoples?


Was he Mick,