Please - ceiling cat - make me head of the world


Shiny stones spend on bullshit


Don’t you know they’re investing in all this space shit so the oligarchs can move to Mars and leave us here to suffocate in their toxic waste.


Trump just squashed NASA’s 10 million$ project to track greenhouse gases. You can pat him on the back for that.


That’s more money to feed into the MIC, Score!


I been thinking about a youtube show

Mornings with Six - two or three minutes of daily commentary

shud have a million followers in no time


May I suggest a stoopid human tricks segment?

And one of those man in the street interview segmets making sure to portray Trumptards as complete and utter morans.

Hello Sir, great weather we’re having today isn’t it?

“Blah blah blah, Obummers a niggra!” yanno that sort of thing.


Man in the street would involve talking to someone and leaving the house to do so


too bad yer vids will be “demonetized.”

Just watched, subscribed, I think you should have a million subscribers in no time.


Would you respond to questions from your loyal viewer?


You could do a vid of the flashlight collection and another one of the sardine cans under the bed, and another one about painting your tools pink.


Ohh, ooh, and one about how to squirrel-proof your bird feeder.


A, What’s with all the bottles on the floor in front of you?

B, I expect credit for the name! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

C, Where’s the part about how much I irritate you?

D, If you do this, you should start a separate thread here: SMWS. Just post the vids there. Sticky it.


Proposed theme song


A) Water for the plants and cat and in case of a power failure I have some water because the well will not work or if the well breaks I have a few gallons

B) Credit for name - I don’t understand - fill me in

C) You do not irritate me enuf for a full video - not enuf material - althou maybe I cud look in the precis thing

D) wot is SMWS



Who named ya “Six”?

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: SMWS – Sunday Mornings With Six. :roll_eyes:

Your irritation with me could just be a subtopic, then.


Clean that place up, dude.

…and learn to dress a little better if you want me to watch…

and quit the cursing.


It’s my hell hole workshop

I dress how the fuck I want - usually like a bum - it helps me separate real people from fake people - never judge anyone by the way they dress - it will not payoff in the long run

Like yesterday at the bank - new teller treated me like I was dogshit when I took some wrapped pennies in - do I have an acct blah blah blah - then the manager asked how I was and her fucking tune changed.

If I had a suit on she would not have asked

the cursing stays


The wealthiest man in Newport Oregon looks and dresses like a low end Jehova’s Witness


The nicer the dress the more uncomfortable

this is a fact


It’s ll about self respect, and in fact, respect for others. Utilitarianism is for commies and other lamers. Art is divine.

Hobowear don’t cut it.