Please savaging Gordon Sondland's Hotels on Yelp is not fair, sad!


People Are Absolutely Savaging Gordon Sondland’s Hotels on Yelp
Reviewers on Yelp are taking out their anger with Sondland by leaving one-star ratings for the hotels to which he is linked.

“If you’re looking for a hotel owned by a Trump supporter who gave the campaign a million dollars in exchange for an ambassadorship that he’s unqualified for so he can extort foreign leaders into attacking fellow Americans, look no further,” Zee L., a Yelp user from West Hollywood, California, wrote for his assessment of the Revolution Hotel in Boston. “BONUS: plush bath robes and white hoods available in each room.”

Sondland was the founder and former chairman of Provenance Hotels, which owns and manages 14 boutique hotels across the U.S.—including the Revolution. The hotels had been well-regarded up until recently, with customers raving about the ambiance, amenities, and accommodating staff. But over the past few weeks, one-star Yelp reviews disparaging him for his involvement in the Trump-Ukraine saga have appeared on most of the hotels’ Yelp pages.

Zee’s review appeared on the day U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor told Congress that Sondland notified the Ukrainian government of an alleged quid-pro-quo arrangement pushed by the Trump administration. One user from San Francisco posted reviews on four different Provenance Hotels’ Yelp pages mentioning “swampy diplomat Gordon Sondland” was a “Major Trump supporter” on Oct. 8, the day Sondland was subpoenaed by Congress after the State Department blocked his scheduled deposition.

“Booked a rez and then discovered Dossier is owned by Gordon Sondland, a MAJOR TRUMP DONOR. Cancel!” the user wrote on the page of Portland’s Dossier Hotel.



That’s kind of harsh. I listened yesterday to his opening remarks, and while I understand his position is tainted, I don’t think he was treated fairly by either of the wolf packs.


I agree with those that say he was too carefully parsing his answers to at least partially protect the potus, and that he just seemed too damn excited to be there.

PS, I haven’t visited any of his yelp pages, yet.


I was happy that he did state that yes there was a quid pro quo, I was disappointed that he was unwilling or unable to do a better job tagging that to Trump.