Political commentary


shocking I’m sure. :grinning:

Anyone left of center has to use their voice to send a message. Not to the GOP, there’s only one message for them- GTFO.

It’s for Democrats:

  • Stop battling for low priority shit - getting rid of straws and plastic bags at the grocery store - we need to fight for power. That’s one thing we have stopped striving for…

  • Stop allowing the extremes to be the voice of the people. I don’t want to stop Sarah Huckster Sanders from having dinner - who cares? I want to stop her from any position of power in Washington.

  • Connect with real people. Listen to them, stop believing we know what people want without talking to them. Why haven’t Democrats cleaned up the water for people in Flint, MI? We want them to vote and we can’t figure out a way of fixing their poisonous water supply? Why should they care?

Democrats need to wake the hell up!


Oh yeah,

TAKE THE FUCKING GLOVES OFF. Politics is like a game of football, not Canasta. F’ing Democrats need to fight.

Previous generations fought, not violently, but with determination and grit.