Poll: National Seat of Ass Hattery?


The Trump administration is now openly threatening to use the Justice Department as a tool for punishing critical speech. This is specific to CNN but the implications are clear for media generally.

Meanwhile, the wingnuts in the House have decided to impose a DRESS CODE for women, including their peers…no bare arms. But Muslims and their hijabs are dangerous. The misogyny and hypocrisy of this gang of ass hats knows no bounds, it seems.

Which branch of “our” federal government wins the Asshat of the Week award? Please post your vote as a comment.

A/ Executive
B/ Legislative
C/ Judicial


They each have their own unique brand of Ass Hattery, but I give my nod to the Executive Branch. For Trump’s back peddling on the Russiagate story, after months of shrieking fake news, he told an audience in Poland today, Well no one knows for sure. Which sounds like a “softening” in tone imho.


Does that mean Melania and Ivanka have to stop dressing like sluts?


Spoken like a true feminist.

@E_Normus_Johnson I have to give it to the Executive branch as well.


Spoken like someone with a huge stick up her ass who can’t take a joke.


Jokes are funny.


And you are the arbiter of what’s funny and what’s not. Sorry. I forgot you are the Queen of everything.