Portland Again Tonight


Not sure what is meant by pda The widely accepted and understood initials for the City of Portland Police, ie, the PPB or Portland Police Bureau. pda doesn’t ring any bells for me.

Makes me that was from some medicated local yokels just in for a giggle, or outsiders.


PDX PD is what I see


Yea, ok, I can see that too, now that you mention it, doesn’t sound local to my ear, anyway…

but I wouldn’t rule it out pdx is a common “nic” to call Portland since that is the FAA’s code for Portland International Airport.

ps, I do like the guillotine art also.



Oh right, I’ve not seen those two lg. buildings in person…but you’re on the Burnside(I thinks anyway), same site of the lay in the other night.


The bridge just south of Burnside.



I think the A is the pig’s ear.


Oh, right the Morrison…Draw Bridge as are most of the older ones.


Mark O. Hatfield was arguably Oregon’s 2nd most popular Oregon Governor’s that was a very centrist Republican, much like Tom McCall after him.His "Favorite Son Advisor and Chief of Staff and one of the last remaining managing descendants of the Meier & Frank Family that owned and managed one of the regions more prestigious department Stores, you seen the the old M & F building when you downtown…it stands out…Gerry Frank was Hatfield’s COS. He “Authors” a series of “The Best Of Oregon” and other variations on the theme, he did one for NYC that was popular too…

“The Meier & Franks” Flagship Store.



Downtown is all boarded up, there’s anti cop graffiti everywhere… even as we were down there today more boards were going up.



Portland dialect for “covfefe”. Same meaning.




Downtown was boarded up and they were working on boarding it up more. I only saw one local business that had been hit and their restaurant takes up half a block downtown.



This is what went down later, police response to a couple of half full plastic water bottles being thrown. Excellent video btw…