Portland Again Tonight


Instead of showing Trump’s super goons shooting the peaceful protester in the face almost killing him the mainstream media focuses on bullshit…





New tactic, closing the parks… I doubt if it stops it.



Maybe it’s to keep the bad cops out


One year in the early 80’s The Scientologists had a convention in Portland, they rented one of those parks…not sure but I think Cigarette Smoking is part of their worship or whatever it is they do, the whole time they were there, there was a constant cloud of Cigarette smoke…and Cigarette butts were about ankle deep all over the park.


47th and Burnside, I believe this is the 50th night in a row… I knew there would be a few protests here but I wasn’t quite expecting all this lol



And downtown at the Injustice Center



Police cam view on Burnside…


Another Justice Center cam…



Getting ready to pop off



U down there, or chillin at home?


Chilling at home, was thinking about going down earlier but we were tired and stayed home.




I watched that feed for a while, looked like mostly suburban white punks looking for their “American Graffiti/Kent State” moment. But I gather I missed some sort of police action incl. teargas and stuff just prior.


There’s a lot of suburban white punks, a lot of them are out there nightly taking on the police so they tend to dress a certain way out of necessity mostly I think… gas mask, goggles, helmet kinda conceal your identity, black, they’re dressing like freestyle riot police. :stuck_out_tongue:

We were thinking about going down earlier but they had already started making their gonna be gassing you announcements and it looked like the crowd was dwindling in the vid we saw but it’s big now. :slight_smile:


If you don’t have a gas mask, helmet and goggles you don’t want to be down there right now.


So what’s the thinking on Trump’s Federales? Do we think they are Federal Cops. or maybe Mercs(BlackWater/Academi shit)?


I think they’re mercs, maybe federalized mercs but mercs…


a big march arriving on teebsgaming too lol