Portland cops are going after the live streamers


and charging them with 1st degree Rioting… and once they get rid of the streamers, then there will be nobody there to see them further abusing their power and violating the civil rights of mostly peaceful protesters. The mainstream news isn’t covering it at all.


Maybe some focus on showing people how to live stream, they can’t arrest everyone.


Go to Facebook, make a post and hit live, set it to public. These people streaming I’m referring to aren’t rioters, or even protesters really, merely observers. PPB has also targeted them with rubber bullets, stun grenades etc.


ACLU just won a restraining order against the PPB to protect the press including the live streamers.


Even tho I agree it’s wrong, it was a bold play by PPB. Ya gotta admit the crowds are shrinking, now it’s starting to look like violence for the fuck of it, not so much standing against racism, teen age wasteland stuff.


Pretty big crowd last night still… only a few vandals in the crowd really, most people are just there protesting.

But yeah having equipment to protect yourself from the teargas, rubber bullets, flash bang grenades, pepper spray etc. or maybe even having something to defend yourself from the right wingers attacking protesters who the cops then protect, you’re definitely a rioting hooligan terrorist. :slight_smile:


The ACLU won a temporary order of protection against the PPB and city of Portland for the press including streamers, but the dude I was watching last night got gassed by the feds.


I have been thinking how a percentage of the violence reminds me of youthful sports fans who go wild after a big victory…just sayin’


Not really much violence besides the police being violent. Weird how ya’ll got brainwashed :grin:. I will be going downtown for a real fourth of July unlike Republican boot lickers. :grin:


Ya’ll let the cops run all over everyone, now you’re whining because people are taking to the streets to do something about it and a little property got damaged… just stay home and keep your mouths shut…


Not sure anyone here is letting the cops do anything…you are there, we are not.


Talking about the older generations in general… like little Rambo’s ilk…


It was a great fourth of July party with music, food, campfires and fireworks until the cops started rioting again… we left right before and there were probably a few thousand people before we left, lots of fireworks, it was poppin before the cops ruined it.


I know, I’ve moved closer to the airport and I have my bug out back pack packed and ready to go.:grin:


Where ya gonna go? Russia? :stuck_out_tongue: