Portland PPB Police Brutality Videos


This is their new tactic, rip the masks off protesters and bear mace them point blank in the face. Graphic video, police brutality.





not a vid


You best stay away from there for a few days. Things seem to be escalating.


Are these Federal police who are beating heads, SUB CONTRACTORS by any chance?


That was the PPB Porkland Police.


I would if I were a a bone spur RepubliKKKan. I just need to get a helmet, gas mask and goggles.


Portland Police? I thought they were Federal police sent by Trump. Why I asked if they were sub contracted police. Something like Black water.


There are two gangs of cops at play here… there is the racist, right wing PPB… and there are the goons/mercs Trump sent in. The PPB are generally wearing black uniforms, Trumps goons wear camo Call of Duty outfits.


Got it. My question is again. Are these police regular Federal police or subcontractors hired by the Fed. Government. Like Black Water, or similar?


I consider them Blackwater goons, most don’t have any form of identifying patches etc. drive around in rental cars… think about it too… I’d say there’s a pretty good chance most of these guys are Blackwater/Academia mercenaries.


I guess some of the cops in black are DHS goons…



Figures… Just like the Buffoon. Be careful.


Good idea. If they can identify you they will take away your next stimulus check.:grin: