Portland War Zone


So I got down here about 1pm and filmed Trumpet man giving an epic speech in front of some Blue Lives Matter folks before filming his arrest. Parks are closed off, they claimed he was trespassing for wrapping a little piece of police tape around his trumpet…


I’ve been harassing the pigs for not wearing masks… This was the small group… You’re not protecting the community if you’re not wearing masks dumbasses…


“Oh hey Sarge, maybe we should take that colored guy in records outside with us?”


NBA finally takes a knee…


This whole thing was just an attempt to bait Trump into going into Portland with his six shooters blazing. It would have made for good campaign imagery. Fail.


What kind of drugs have you been on? Faux Newz heroin?


It was Trump’s idea to send them here, all we want is some local police reform… what planet are you living on?


IMHO, Not being “there” i had the sense that the “riots” were calming down before the keystone feds came and reignited shit.


Right before the news broke about them kidnapping people the protests were totally dead and the goons were here… they had fenced off the parks, there was maybe a 100 people left, then the news hit and the parks were liberated the next day and filled with thousands of people.