Prays be to Jesus, the Supreme's legalized bigotry again



Home Depot approves of this message.


He may get trumptards - works both ways


Of course he will, it’s Tennessee. But he’ll lose some customers permanently.


I can’t wait to see RBG and Sotomayor’s dissents.


The cake decision might just well be a pyrrhic victory. The justices reacted to the tone of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. I think Kennedy signaled that the next case might address actual issues at play.


Not sure if it’s right to make a SCOTUS decision based on the “tone” of one of the arguments. That’s just me. Seems to me the SCOTUS righties are overly emotional on this one.


Judging by the looks of Washburn, TN on a google image search he might have a whole 5 customers a week.


The tone issue is based on the hyperbole of some on the civil rights commission, including an apparent Godwin violation.

That’s just silly. Address the issue at hand without getting histrionic. I don’t support the baker hiding behind the first amendment at all. I think it’s bullshit.


So, I bet none of them is faggots! Checkmate Libtard!


Seems our friend has seen the light.


“smile your on camera” lolz


Education is obviously not a high priority 'round there. Shocker, I know. :roll_eyes: