A couple weeks ago my gf went to the doctor because she has had a persistent cough she can’t get rid of…

So they prescribe her Prednisone for like 5 days and Doxycycline for 10.

Then a little over a week ago after she finished the Prednisone she starts going fucking manic and I’d never seen her do this the 4 years I’ve been with her… she suddenly has almost every every symptom for bipolar disorder. Finally Friday/Saturday she crashed.

So I started looking this shit up yesterday, it’s a fucking immune system depressant, how is that going to help her get rid of a cough? Plus it causes all this manic symptoms and shit… I can’t even see why they prescribed it to her other than to write another prescription for big pharma…

If you ever get prescribed this shit you better be careful… I’d advise not to even take it.



As part of my MS treatment, I get infusions of Prednisone. One twice a year with my drug, and during relapses I get three days at a really high dose. It can cause serious mood issues that’s for sure. Last time I was on it, I had a reaction where I started sweating and shaking and shivering. It wasn’t good.


Corticosteroid…I’ve always thought that was something like wolf adrenaline. Gotta be really fun to take…not.

Fukkin witch doctor stuff.


It’s a fuckin miracle drug (prednisone)- outside of the fact it dissolves all yer internal organs

I always have a few rounds on hand for poison ivy or spider bites

get bit by a brown recluse and you will kill to get it -


Maybe so but she didn’t get bit by a brown recluse, she went to the doctor over a cough.


She’s just getting a religious experience. I read about this mind-altering religion stuff on the internets.


That could be, but I think someone slipped her a Mickey.


The immune system is directly related to the mood control system of the body

People who are happy in life usually have great immune systems

So, how do you make people’s immune system stand down? Make them miserable.


Nothing wrong with that - it is prescribed for cough - the doc did nothing wrong



Mine was too good so I have to have it manually diminished.


Do you have Lupus?


It’s a steroid. Steroids are often used to cure coughs. Next time, if there is one, as for an inhaler.


Multiple Sclerosis.


Three prescription pill bottles were found in Cornell’s hotel room: prednisone (anti-inflammatory), omeprazole (antacid) and lorazepam (anti-anxiety).


You’re not a doctor. Get back in your tent.


I have all three of those in my medicine cabinet.


Prednisone is merely a band aid with horrible side effects.


The last time I had it I started shaking and sweating and crying and had to be sedated.


I remember 20 years ago, I had pulled a wisdom teeth and I was taking them. The day I took the last one, it was at noon. At night I went and had a couple drinks. I got drunk in my second drink and I came home walking. I smoked a small joint and got completely wasted. I remember sitting on a bench, waiting a good hour for the worse to pass, I somehow kept myself still aware, but it wasn’t easy

I got home and slept for 12 hours straight

I didn’t understood what happened until I remembered about the damn Feldene (piroxicam)