Pretty big engine



This is the crankshaft for a Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C engine, the largest reciprocating engine in the world, used in large container ships. It’s a 1810-liter engine that generates 108,920 horsepower at 102 RPM, and it idles at 22 RPM… almost 3 seconds per rotation. This crankshaft weighs 300 tons (660,000 pounds) and each piston weighs 12,000 pounds and has a stroke length of 8.2 feet.

As of 2006 there were more than 300 of these engines in active service.


108k+ HP? Can I get one of these in a Miata?


The Carrier I was on, had as I recall 4 engines, the “interesting” thing was that one of the two main propellor shafts was very slightly “bent” as it was explained to me, so underway we had a steady banging sound coming up from below deck that in a way was like a metronome, so you could tell how fast we were cruising. The faster we went the faster the clanging.


And then Captain Ramius also knows your position.


They cud just use sails instead of that pricey engine

wind is free




Sails worked for 5000 years

Barque Sedov: Originally known as the Magdalene Vinnen II, the sail ship was built in Germany in the 1921 and was mainly used as a cargo ship until the year 1936 in which she was converted into a naval training vessel. After the Second World War, she was handed over to the Soviet navy and her name was changed to Sedov after the famous Soviet explorer Georgy Sedov. The most unique aspect about the Sedov is that at the time of construction.

At present after nearly 90 years past her construction, the Sedov is still in operation and is used as a training vessel for cadets from the Russian universities of St. Petersburg and Murmansk. The biggest sailing ship is also a participant in many of tall sailing ships’ races held across the world.


Royal Clipper: The Royal Clipper is a cruise ship that is built on the lines of the Preussen – a five mast sail ship that was built in the year 1902. At present, the Royal Clipper is regarded to be the world’s largest sailing ship with five masts that are rigged fully.