Prince has been gone for a year


…and two days, actually. Friday was the first anniversary of Prince’s death. Nobody who saw it will ever forget how he burned the stage down on While My Guitar Gently Weeps, at the posthumous induction of George Harrison into the HOF in 2004. Here’s more on that event…I know I’ve posted the video here somewhere in this section.


Wow, that was powerful. Thanks for posting it.


Story was that George’s son Dani, on bass in the video, idolized Prince.


Sounded like yer pretty standard noodling in Am to me…


Yes, that’s Dhani behind Petty and to Petty’s left, playing rhythm guitar. When Prince gets the spotlight, Dhani is bwtween him and Petty, a couple steps back. The bass man is on the far left (stage right) of the lineup. I forget his name, he’s one of the Heartbreakers.

Yeah, okay man.


It was really just a bunch of pretty standard Am pentatonic licks… I like some of his Hendrix style shit like on When Dove’s Cry…


Okay, man.

It was a 3 minute solo, so it was a LOTTA those standard Am licks and it kept building.

Also, nobody who was onstage claims to ever have seen his tele come back down after he tossed it over his head. Some say George’s hand came down from heaven and snatched it.


The other lead player is better… more tasteful to fit the song, better tone… Not saying Prince is a huge slouch but it’s not as impressive as they make it out to be in the article.


Yeah, he just played Clapton’s solo by rote…note for note almost. He played it mighty fine, but everyone had already HEARD that solo.


Too soon?


Saw Prince live.

I’ve seen many a concert…and I mean MANY…since the 1960’s, and he was one of the greatest musical entertainers of our age.


He had everything. He wasn’t generally thought of as a guitarist so much as a conceptual artist, but he was also a guitarist’s guitarist no matter what Billdo says.


Nowhere to be found… this is all pop, rock, blues, shit too, no Segovia or Django, etc…


I would put Prince ahead of at least half of the Rolling Stone listing. Although to be honest, I wouldn’t put him ON a Rolling Stone listing because it is well established that their ratings are utter crap.

Joni Mitchell? Kurt Cobain? Joey Ramone?

Prince would blow them away with a piece of string stretched across a shoebox.


Great entertainer, singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist etc… yeah I can give him that but influential guitarist. Nah not rlly…


No, I wouldn’t either…and I didn’t say that. I said that guitarists speak of his guitar playing with respect. And I agree with Lou about the RS lists.


He’ll be on the next RS great guitar player list cause he’s dead.


That’s kinda sorta one of the reasons to disrespect the RS lists.


I’m still grieving. I grew up listening to him

RIP Beautiful One


Happy 60th Birthday, Mr. Nelson