Pumpkin spice


What’s up with that anyway?

sick of the PS nonsense




coffee, cookies, pancakes, cakes, etc, etc



I drink coffee black

I find it astounding after all the work to grow and ship it that it gets fucked up at the last minute


Well, to each his own, but some people go batshit crazy over pumpkin spice. I don’t get it.

They even put it in milkshakes some places. Yuck.


I crinched up my nose when I read the title of this thread. I am grad that we are in fact in agreement on this one.:slightly_smiling_face:


Ya all just ain’t keeping up with the times

yer turning into old people and ya don’t know it

get with the times - get yer spice


Wasn’t Pumpkin the so called, ‘6th Spice girl’?


This is true I’m not.

That includes no tweeting, instagramming, or snapchatting and whatever new social media is out there.

I don’t give a fuck about any of it. It’s poisonous narcissism.


I could never get into it, it’s too much like working.:grin: