"Rage" by Woodward


Is there no thread about Agent Orange’s fuck up allowing Woodward to record him for 9 hours and the implications of the things he said?


lol what a dumbass, what was he thinking would happen? :stuck_out_tongue:


His enablers are already defending him, I think I have outrage-fatigue it’s been day after day with this train wreck…and the GOP still loves him truly madly deeply.


He actually thought he could outsmart and outcharm Bob Woodward.

What a dumb motherfucker…and he allowed him to record! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh they’re going to be angry at him. See, he can deny 'words". He can’t deny his own voice.




It’s been an interesting 5 years, having people insist that their explanation of what Trump “really” meant is more accurate than his own words.


He has claimed that he was simply trying to keep people from panicking. Geezers. Don’t you remember the ‘Great Toilet Paper’ shortage.:grin:


His whole platform is getting his deplorables to panic.


Cowards love the politics of FEAR…


Reminiscent of the Color Coded Terra Alerts ™ from 2004…


The black peeples is comin’ to get ya!


Blacks and transgender marxist Antifa super soldiers.


Oh my!